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brendala in thesugarcube

Not another "Human Mane Six" Fanart....

I doodled another "Human Mane 6" pic because....it's easy and I was bored.



-Human-Pinkie Pie is my favorite. She's the most fun to draw and I think she came out the best.

-I know there's no "wrong" way to do a Humanized Mane Six picture. However, it still really, really, REALLY bugs me that almost all Human-Applejack fanart makes her look like an anorexic Texas-themed stripper. That's why I made her look like a conservatively dressed amazon.

-Rainbow Dash was tough to design because it's hard to figure out what to do with her. I went with "tiny, spunky, Asian tomboy" because I thought it looked cute.

-Rarity, Twilight, and Fluttershy's designs were the ones that came easiest. Their personalities make it easy to predict their human AU fashion choices.

-I opted to leave Spike the way he is because being a dragon is a big part of his character and the idea of Human-Twilight having a little boy as a servant felt really wrong.


I do like the idea of AJ looking a little buff/Amazonian. It does fit the character.

I did feel a little surprised at seeing Dashie looking so short, but then if I remember right, she looks kind of small in the show itself, doesn't she?

Good work!
This is super cute!!

There's a big wa-hoo in another pony comm about Spike's age, but I do wish we could at least agree that a "slur" is not exclusively a racial epithet: http://equestriamlp.livejournal.com/360863.html?thread=5375135#t5375135
**reads link**
Oy. I'm not surprised that thread went off the rails. Sadly the "social justice warriors" over at equestriamlp sometimes make it difficult to tell a joke or have a discussion without getting a sanctimonious lecture or being accused of a hate crime. In fact, the reason this comm was started was because my co-mod and I got flamed for innocent comments. I drew these two comics (here and here) and got accused of sexism and my co-mod was accused of "cultural appropriation" because she made a joke about the Chinese Year of the Dragon being "The Year of Spike". :P
Thank you for sharing that. See, my friends are equally frustrated by this racket. I've mentioned this comm to them, but I'm going to repeat your words that this is why this place has been established.

And I think that's an ADORABLE idea to have Spike and Year of the Dragon connected. I like it! The post office is super guilty of "cultural appropriation" apparently.

You don't do your cause any justice when you attack good people. And tone also speaks volumes. But mostly, people should be allowed to have fun, and it should be easy to recognize when they don't mean harm. Further if something is just not someone's cup of tea -- they're entitled not to like it, but they're not entitled to make them feel ashamed (especially when it's already on the show one claims to love).

Edited at 2012-06-12 03:34 pm (UTC)
You don't do your cause any justice when you attack good people.

This is the most annoying thing about the "Social Justice Warriors". Even when their comments are justified, they don't win any converts by accusing everyone who makes an innocent faux pas of being stupid and/or evil.

And I'm growing tired of the hatred toward the word "Brony" over there as well. Not everyone who happily uses that term is a creepy fanboy. So I don't see why they can't use the term "crazy/stupid fan" to describe weirdos just like every other fandom does (probably because the words "crazy" and "stupid" are abelist now LOL). And the seething hatred toward the word "Derpy" is equally ridiculous.


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